U.S. to build moat across Mexican border?

U.S. border security; forget the fence, put in a moat!

The proposed fence across the southern U.S. border with Mexico is, at best, an expensive and stupid idea. Faced with a fence illegal border crossers can simply climb over it, make a hole in it or dig under it. A fence is not the best deterrent to those determined to trespass. A much better way to defend and protect property is a moat. A Middle Age defense, a moat always worked better than a fence.

To put in a border moat the U.S. could simply dig a trench across the U.S. southern border (California, Arizona, Texas), about 10 feet deep and about 1/2 mile wide. The moat could be built by the Army Corps of Engineers, using bulldozers, steam shovels, etc. Then, after the moat is dug, fill it with water from the Gulf of Mexico. There's your moat. Then, take all the leftover mines from World War II and Vietnam and mine the moat. Then add alligators. Lots of alligators.

Forget the fence, put in a moat! A moat is quicker, easier and cheaper. Plus, a moat would be low maintenance; no border patrol, no national guard, no Minutemen, no surveillance etc.

And the moat could be stocked with fish so the alligators wouldn't starve when the illegals stop trying to cross the border.

And, politically, to appease extreme left wing liberals, environmentalists and our friends and neighbors south of the border (who benefit greatly from their poor and unemployed leaving there and coming here - and sending tens of billions of American dollars back there) we could call the moat an "irrigation, recycling and wildlife project".

You want a secure border? You want to stop people from illegally entering the U.S. from Mexico? Forget the fence, put in a moat!